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Is the affiliate program worth promoting? If you want to become an zulutrade affiliate, you should probably read these reviews first.

ZuluTrade claim to have an attractive FX affiliate program. They brag about having 10,000 affiliates - but is it really a strength? That's ten thousand people promoting the same product. The conversion from demo to live is about 7%, it says so on their homepage. That is really another weakness, yet thay pitch it like it was a strength.

There are other forex brokers out there that are far better, and yet have a small number of affiliates. From an affiliate perspective, these are far more attractive in terms of compentiton and overall potential for generating huge commissions.

The ZuluTrade affiliate program is not the affiliate program for us. If you are an ZuluTrade affiliate, and would like to comment or review their affiliate program, please feel free to do so below.

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Reviews of Affiliate Program Reviews

Reviews about Affiliate Program Reviews from other affiliates.

I did not like this at all
fulltime fxaffiliate (08.09.2010)

I did not like this at all. In my experience as an affiliate, ZuluTrade offers a terrible affiliate program... Don't waste your time with this one.

Very bad affiliate program
Jack (28.09.2010)

I didnt get this. ZuluTrade is not something I would want to invest my time in, there is no incentive here for any affiliate that I can see. Try the big ones, etoro, forex-affiliate and maybe even affiliate yard if you need a third option.

Zulu affiliate
Andy (11.01.2011)

I have done a short review on my website about zulu but im not spending my time on it. I mostly target etoro and then ava

500affiliates is way better than this
Anonymous affiliate (15.01.2011)

500affiliates is way better than this, I have checked zulutrade and from affiliate perspective it's waste of time for me. I have only seen a few affiliates using this, and none of them didn't seem to understand how to market anything.

Earning pips!
fxbrownie (04.04.2011)

I have chosen to promote Zulutrade as affiliate and I never regret it. This autotrading platform makes forex trading very easy. For me, this has a great importance because people upgrate in short time from demo to a live account and I start receiving my commission. People are free to choose the broker they prefer so I don't have to persuade them.

Good affiliate program!
forexuk (11.04.2011)

zulutrades affiliate program is really good! Easy to sign up, good affiliates guide, friendly service, they accept paypal!
The 0,4pips/trade for live accounts is a real deal (for aaafx broker it is 1pip!), so if you manage to attract enough live accounts, we are talking for a decent income!
Suggest you try and you wont be disappointed!

Profitable job
xara220 (12.04.2011)

Affiliation with zulutrade is a profitable job. Forex in general is a market full of money. Τhe more profi you are the more money you earn. This is a general rule. I like to work without having a boss pushing me for better results. Now I know that it depends on me and on the effort I will do for make this affiliation profitable. Important note: Commission is higher if the broker is AAAFX.

Is Zulutrade desperate...
Boom Goes The Dynamite (12.04.2011)

c'mon... three great zulu reviews in a 8 days span, what's this? Did zulutrade send you? I've tried them myself and it one of the worst affiliate experiences I ever had. Great looking banners does not help when they are not converting. Why is not zulutrade converting? Because there are offers out there that are ten times better, and forex traders are smart enough to shop around. My 2 cents.

You need to know how to promote!
forexuk (04.05.2011)

Just because you dont know the basics of forex and to promote a service does not mean that zulu is a failure!
Zulutrade is a good deal to promote, if you know how to do it!

Zulu trade will never be king
Anonymous affiliate (04.05.2011)

If you are looking for big commissions, look elsewhere.

Forex is profitable
fxmaster (05.05.2011)

Zulutrade's affiliate program is a good one to make money. We have to take care our referring customers and provide our assistance to them if they have some problems with their trades. Their interest is our interest.

Zulu affiliate
Franc (09.05.2011)

I have several affiliate forex accounts and one of them is with zulutrade.
I cannot understand why people have bad reviews about zulu. It is a highly known and respectable forex trading platfoem, but you cannot expect by just opening a website to promote itself, because there are lots of affiliates out there to compete with!
So if you make an attractive website and use the right content to promote it (provider suggestions, updates etc), then you will see a lot of demo/live conversions.

Suitable affiliation program
Alice (10.05.2011)

It is important for everyone to find a suitable affiliation program which covers his needs. Not every affiliation program is the correct one for everyone. For me Zulutrade works cause my referring clients don't need to change their brokers and I only have to help them choose some good SPs in order to receive their Signals as well. Money management

Zulutrade Scam
Fool me once (10.05.2011)

I was accused of scamming people when referring them to Zulutrade... if it is a scam, I don't think so, but the negative reputation on the web says it all. It the Internets say so, it is hard to argue. One negative review beats 10 positive reviews. I promoted Zulutrade in good faith, but got the "SCAM" label written in my forehead when mentioning Zulutrade in my personal blog, worst experience of my life. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

Conversion rate
Gerald (13.05.2011)

It is true that Zulutrade offers no incentives in its affiliate program and it is something that I wish to receive someday from them. The reason I have decided to choose their affiliate program is the high conversion rate from demo accounts to live -due to its platform popularity and free choice of a broker-.

There are better forex affiliate programs
Dan the man (25.05.2011)

forexuk: how can zulutrade be any good if conversion is less than half of my other affiliations, and commissions is 1/5th of what I got other places? Do the math... zulutrade is not worth the invested time, end of discussion!

Zulu is a service, not a broker.
alexandr (26.05.2011)

Hi, i kind of agree that zulutrade's commission is just 0.4pips/trade, while most brokers give at least 1.
The difference is that zulu is NOT a broker, but a service that has at least 25 brokers, so you can direct your clients to any of them (if you promote aaafx you get 1pip/trade).
Moreover, zulu has a strong brand name. I promote them by recommending provider portfolios and settings that can have a fair ROI.

Good brand name
John Z (15.06.2011)

Zulutrade has one of the largest brand names in the forex industry when we are talking about automated signal service.
The downside is that there are hundreds of affiliates so you must have very good connections and a unique website design to attract and convert users.
I choose to promote zulu with broker aaafx which is the only one that gives 1pip/trade commission.

Become an active affiliate
Pierre (06.07.2011)

Affiliation for me is not a passive role. Not at all. I am doing it for living. I use many ways to promote my zulu's affiliate link. Mostly via my active presence in net, where I stay connected with other traders. Via facebook and twitter I get informed about other people's daily trades and talk to them. I like to read forex articles, attend seminars & take part in forex discussions and provide assistance to other traders either if they use zulu' s platform or not. I think is the only way to make the o,4pips per trade something bigger.

A different approach
Peter (09.08.2011)

Because zulutrade is not an ordinary forex trading platform, but a signal service, it needs a totally different approach regarding website content.
Give your potential followers useful info regarding setting up their account and choosing providers and you can see a nice demo to live conversion.

Csabi (11.08.2011)


In Hungary the average account size for zulu trading is 2000-5000 USD. How many dollars in your countries?


Worth if promote with aaafx.
Nicolas (13.09.2011)

Their affiliate program is good, since zulutrade has a good name. I recommend to promote only with broker aaafx, because with aaafx you get 1pip/trade per live account, while with all the others you get 0.4, which is nothing...

Heinzat2 (06.10.2011)

zulutrade is a reliable service with huge website traffic and thousands of signals you can choose from.
Promote a good signal portfolio to your clients and you will have a steady income!

Zulutrade systems do work, but...
simon (18.12.2011)

Zulutrade does make money, however you have to be careful of the 100% correct traders as they have a big draw down. I use “zulugain” as one of my providers as he make good trade with low risk…. I would also be careful about adding to many providers at any one time, or having to many open positions at one time!

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