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ReferForex Reviews - Avoid This Affiliate Program?

Review: This is the in-house affiliate program for the Forex industry, but does it pay well? Find out what other affiliates think. Read reviews about ReferForex.

ReferForex is not a scam, but is it any good? We will let our readers (mostly professional forex affiliates) make the decision. Affiliates through ReferForex earn money for referring customers to their currency trading site. This is the affiliate program for and

Reviews of ReferForex Reviews - Avoid This Affiliate Program?

Reviews about ReferForex Reviews - Avoid This Affiliate Program? from other affiliates.

I would suggest not to spend
Warren Sargent (07.09.2010)

I would suggest not to spend your time with this affiliate program. It is not a scam, but not good either. The affiliate interface is awkward and poorly designed, and conversion is terrible to say the least.

Instead of this one I would recommend either eToro partners or Forex-Affiliate which both are very solid affiliate programs with high commissions and conversion is amazing.

Definitly go for Forex-Affiliate
Arnold Corpus (09.09.2010)

Definitly go for Forex-Affiliate. There you can make up to $10,000 even from just one sign up.

Forget about ReferForex if you want to get rich
FX affiliate from Spain (16.09.2010)

We all know that there are huge possibilities as an affiliate in the forex industry. I started out with referforex, and I was amazed how much money I was making... but I was used to commissions from amazon selling books and getting less than $2 per sale (Meh!).
Now that I have tested virtually any forex affiliate program out there I know how terrible this is compared to other affiliate programs. Don't get me wrong, this is great compared to amazon associated and similar affiliate programs, but there are forex affiliate programs that are one million times better.
Here in Spain there is many rich people, and I make a lot from promoting ForexAffiliate, I see this is a favorite program for many people here. I love them. eToro is also good.

Warning Guys!
Rio (15.12.2010)

Goddamn this affiliate program sucks! They don't respond to email, chat or any other contact method. Steer clear from ReferForex, you will waste your time.

This Is Crazy
Rio (15.12.2010) has only 10 results in google, and they don't even show up in the index. This is a joke. I thought they were big, but it's not at all, more like a inactive website template...

Strange now just minutes later ReferForex
Rio (15.12.2010)

strange, now, just minutes later, got over 200,000 results in google. I swear, this was not me typing the word wrong in google search. Very, very weird. I still don't like this affiliate program...

So this affiliate program no longer
Anonymous affiliate (16.12.2010)

So this affiliate program no longer exists, even though their affiliate website is up. Now I wasted my time! The company behind referforex has been anything but professional, and didn't even notice me about their closing of the program. I'm shocked...

Avoid avoid avoid
Anonymous affiliate (13.01.2011)

Avoid avoid avoid. Worst affiliate experience ever, will not go into all the details, no time, but seriously, these people must have created this affiliate program just to annoy the hell out of their fx affiliates. They did not remove their website for their affiliate program, but they are working on another program. I will NOT even bother working with these people again, so stay away with anything that sais referforex or any staff that has previously been connected with them. If it was a scam, I don't know, sent tons of traffic, but no commission... Maybe not a scam, but still the worst affiliate program I have ever delt with.

Forex Fundi (07.10.2012)

Stay away from this forex affiliate program. I'm creating an affiliate program for the brokers here in South Africa, and this was a good example of what not to do...

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