Forex Affiliate Program Reviews Affiliate Program provides an affiliate program where you can get paid to refer traders.

FXOpen give the trader the possibility to trade Forex using MetaTrader 4. The MetaTrader platform is great if you prefer trading with simplicity and convenience. Use it using your PDA, Smart Phone, gadgets, or on your computer. Two other advantages of using FXOpen are:

  • provide a true ECN environment. This means that retail traders will get a fair opportunity to enjoy direct access to the Forex interbank market. Unlike most forex brokers online, this service from FXOpen places your orders are in a way that they are visible in the global currency market.
  • The PAMM service offered by FXOpen is an option for forextraders who would like their money to be managed by a forex professional. You will choose a manager at your choice, and you get the profits of the managers work.

As far as a financial service, FXOpen might be good enough, but for affiliates the main concern is their affiliate program. How good (or bad) is the FXOpen affiliate program really?

We want your opinion on this. Read or post your comments and reviews about the affiliate program below.

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Reviews of Affiliate Program

Reviews about Affiliate Program from other affiliates.

Soooo bad it makes me wanna puke
boston affiliate (29.09.2010)

They couldn't care less about their affiliates. I signed up and started promoting them, spent nearly 20 hours creating promotional articles and landing pages, but nothing worked. I am a pro, and the fault is not mine, their partnership program really was the worst ever... stay away. Maybe if you trade with them they will listen, but if you are just an affiliate like me, they don't even bother to answer my emails...

You have to become an introducing
No way Josť (02.12.2010)

You have to become an introducing broker, and you need to create a trading account to sign up with FXOpen. Seems like they really don't want affiliates.. or they want their affiliates to try their platform first. Anyway, I was turned off by the strange method for becoming an parner. I did try, but eh, no this is to complicated for any busy affiliate today. Another affiliate lost...

My opinion
sami kumer (18.03.2012)

since i started with forexcontrol i really forgot about fxopen , because i find better charts and analysis specially as im an indian and love to trade with CFDS Such NSE-BSE . got better charts

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