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FXCM is an online place to trade in the foreign capital markets. They offer 24-Hour Online Forex Trading, no and dealing desk execution (which means no dealer intervention). You may trade on rates provided to FXCM by multiple global banks. They offer the possibility to trade currency from real-time charts.

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Reviews about Affiliate Program from other affiliates.

They dont have an affiliate program right now
Anonymous affiliate (06.09.2010)

They don't have an affiliate program right now. They used to have a partnership program (a very bad one) I think. Now they do not offer any affiliate program, white label or anything like that.

As far as the service it might be good enough, but I would rather promote a forex company that it top-notch and pays their affiliates well. I use Forex-Affiliate and could not be happier.

Best Forex Affiliate Program

I have been an affiliate with fxcm for over 3 years now and I'm very impressed with them. Their offers are the best in the industry and if you market them well, you stand to make a lot of money with them.

It is a bit difficult to get into their program but just try hard

You need to be superhuman to get in
joey (19.01.2011)

To "Forex guides for beginners", to say it's a bit difficult to get into their program is an understatement. How do you get into their program anyways? You need to become a trader, plus take a few hikes around the earh... How, how HOW? :)

Seems ok
gen (12.02.2011)

well, had exp with them, so far so good, more or less 4 of 5 i give

Good FX
FXMaster (12.02.2011)

I am very happy with these guys... totally. To this point I unfortunately have not made back my start up money. I and you should realize you will lose first and then if and that is a big if you learn from your mistakes, you can turn it around.
I lost money because of not knowing what I was doing, When there was a problem they reimbursed me twice in very short order. I was impressed.
I thought the complaints might be true at times but now I see it was just how I was trading, I am willing to admit that and these others should as well. The forum is awesome as well, I have learned a lot ( I knew nothing before).

I see no issues at all with these guys, if I ever have one that is unreasonable I will report it right here, but I dont expect to have to do that.

They do have an affiliate program
laurent (08.03.2011)

Regulation and other compliance matters seem to prevent them from having their own affiliate program. However, after working with them for a few years, we managed to convince them to run on our affiliate program ( on a cost per lead basis.

Obviously, it's not an ideal situation as we would rather run them on a revshare or CPA basis, but right now that the only affiliate model that runs and doesn't require to go through any sort of comliance requirement for the affiliate.


Stefan (09.03.2011)

Hey guys,
is the affiliate program open yet?
If so, can you update this review and put up a link there?
I think I'm not the only one who appreciates that :)

Anonymous affiliate (05.08.2011)

I would never promote fxcm .. .take a look at the bad reviews online. If there are so many negative reviews, why would I risk my reputation by promoting them... never.

I trade with FXCM, and I happy with them
FXDayJob (12.11.2011)

That's why I want to promote their business to my audience. I don't believe in promoting one affiliate product over another because one happens to pay better.

If you're not really a customer, you can only speculate or lie. What good is either one of those things to a loyal readership?

Looking for their affiliate program
24hForex (24.12.2011)

Ho guys, I'm looking for their affiliate program, because I'd like to work with them. I heard good things about them. Why is it so difficult to find it? I know many websites promote FXCM, so how they promote them if they don't have affiliate program. I'll try to contact their customer support for more information.

Looking for good affiliate program in Forex
Zap (06.03.2012)


I currently have two forex based websites and I am looking for good affiliate programs to integrate into the websites!
Does anyone know who are the top affiliate programs?



Does FXCM provide classic affiliate program or IB only? I am waiting for their answer, but got no response yet.

FXV (01.06.2012)

Forex Broker Review - I am very interested in the answer from FXCM would you be so kind to write their answer on this wall when they get back to you?

Anonymous (04.06.2012)

their affiliate system is very good, are complete in the offer and offer the highest commissions in the market, will provide over 150 banners and more than 9 landing page. Do you trust a person constantly at your side to help in marketing strategies and in helping to develop your business.

Question for Anonymous (04.06.2012)
David Bland (30.06.2012)


Do you have a link to their affiliate program, because I can't find it anywhere? Thanks.

Juliaz (14.09.2012)

Folks! There is NO FXCM AFFILIATE PROGRAM! As mentioned above you can get a CPL deal from third parties, but that is far from ideal. Better to just forget about promoting them as you wont make any money anyways. Stick with the best affiliate programs for forex brands and market makers, you will make a lot of cash with them

Up and down money .
sam (04.10.2012)

i have been trade with fxcm for more than five years.
you can make lots of money or lose all yours money.
the first time i join i don't know what was i doing so i loss like 1k so i was so confuse then i stop for like six month,so i do some learning then i wait untill the market news the news was the aud/jpy news came out said the aud was week so i jump in and made a sell the aud/jpy and make my 1k back and make a 2k profit.
is was too risky if you don't know the market news it can change any second not miniutes so i still trade but only in only 25 dollars you can trade.

I need FXCM Affiliate Program link
forextas (25.11.2012)

Someone Can help me with a link to any of the fxcm programs. Am not so sure fxcm has an affliate program,the last time i checked their website i could not find anything about partnering with them.

Try emailing them?
John (28.11.2012)

Try emailing them? Not that hard... Try emailing them? Not that hard... Try emailing them? Not that hard... Try emailing them? Not that hard... Try emailing them? Not that hard... Try emailing them? Not that hard... Try emailing them? Not that hard... Try emailing them? Not that hard...

Referring Brokers
Eric (02.12.2012)

They have a Refering Broker Programm. But i think if they do a Introducing Program like other brokers they will bring you a good commision, as they are offering good MT4 Servers without 3rd party.

Best regards

Its not bad broker but i can not see the affiliate program (27.04.2013)

Its not bad broker, but i can not see the affiliate program. So i will continue affiliate program with another brokers.

No affiliate Program
hyip (06.10.2013)

I don't see the affiliate program, Either they don't have it or have discontinued it.

No program
forex broker (14.11.2013)

I wonder who puts positive reviews since they don't have aff program at all.

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