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Forex Affiliate

Forex-Affiliate is the affiliate program you need to sign up with to promote easyMarkets. Several superaffiliates have stated that this platform have the best conversion and the highest commission among all the forex affiliate programs out there.

Forex Affiliate

The Forex-Affiliate program is the world's most profitable financial affiliate program, as verified by thousands of webmasters around the world. is the most profitable affiliate program on earth. Just one click can bring $10,000 into your pocket, and it's true. In fact, we have experienced just that. One single click is all you need. Of course you will have to promote to the right people, but once you do things the right way... the sky is the limit.

Forex-Affiliate Offers The Best Commission In The Industry For Its Affiliates

They have commission schemes for all type of affiliates. They claim to have the best rewards in the industry, and that actually seems to be the case. We have never seen such high payout from any other forex affiliate program. One large deposit or one high-turnover referred trader is all you need to make big bucks (one click can earn you $10,000, and we have experienced more than once!) Many small traders will also generate ongoing amounts, it all adds up.

CPA – Cost per Active trader = $250
This is what you get for starters, a one off payment for each and every active trader you refer to Forex-Affiliate, once the client (the trader you refer) reaches the necessary trading volume. But that's not all, this is just the CPA.

EV – Economic Value = 25%
Think in terms of revenue share. The Economic Value is a combination of the volume traded multiplied with the effective spread. If you don't understand these terms, don't worry. All you need to worry about is referring people through Forex-Affiliate, and you will quickly begin to make money as long as your leads are good (meaning you refer people who actually intend to trade in Forex).

Who can enter a partnership with Forex-Affiliate? Basically everyone. Affiliates, Introducing Brokers (IBs),
Online Marketers, Agents, Website Owners and Referrers.

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Reviews of Forex Affiliate

Reviews about Forex Affiliate from other affiliates.

It is really true what they claim
Just another forex affiliate (04.09.2010)

It is really true what they claim. I have had clicks that made me $10,000, and many in the range $5,000-$8,000. On average I make $700 per day as an Forex affiliate, and this is net profit. I don't even bother promoting anything else because I've learned that this is where the big money is.

This What I do as an forex affiliate:

1) Find a niche. It has to be something more than just Forex. You can't dominate the forex industry overnight, but it will not take long to dominate a niche. For instance, I might target rich people in California or somthing like "Forex for Skydivers: Sometimes flying upwards is better". These are just examples, I have blogs and websites in other forex niches. I've learned that the best way to make big money in forex is to start small. Start with a niche.

2) Register a domain, and choose a domain name that represents your niche.

3) Create a blog or a website, and write some content. You have free blog software options, I use Wordpress. Remember to promote your affiliate link.

4) Promote your blog or website. I use forums and blog comments for this. It's completely free, and you don't need to spam. Be informative, and target forums and blogs where your audience for your niche is located.

I promote easyMarkets, and this is the only trading platform I promote. I find it best to stick to just one program. To promote easyMarkets you will need to sign up as an affiliate with Forex-Affiliate (Forex-Affiliate is the affiliate program for easyMarkets).

Last year I made passed the $100,000 mark . This year I expect to exceed $450,000.. this is my net revenue as an forex affiliate (I have little to none marketing expenses, so pretty much all of my income is net revenue). I've just started to realize how huge the forex industry really is.

You might wonder... Why tell you my secrets. The opportunities are endless for affiliates that target a spesific niche instead of just going for the entire forex market. I am not afraid of the competition. The main key for success as an forex affiliate is to be persistent; don't give up after one week or one month. It might take three months or more to begin to make more money than your current day job, but eventually you will succeed. If you don't give up you will make more money here than in any other affiliate industry. All it takes is persistence.

That is my recipe for success as an forex affiliate. I wish you all the best of luck!

Regards from India!

I have made millions as a forex affiliate

I am a fulltime affiliate, and I would say that about 90% of my income is from forex, other 10% from consulting others about how to succeed as forex affiliates.
If you want to be a top earning superaffiliate in the forex industry, you need to adapt, evolve, stay in front of the rest of affiliates. Seriously, forex is THE industry to be in if you are a skilled affiliate. I have made millions of dollars in this industry in the last 4 years since I quit my dayjob as a plumber with no future. If I can do it, anybody can!

Best affiliate program on earth
Chan Huyan (28.09.2010)

Serious. I've been with these guys for a while now and in the meantime I have tried to undestand affiliate marketing better. I constantly come back to this program, because it is the only affiliate program that pays me high commissions and converts at the same time. I am from France, living as an exchange student in the UK and this affiliate program has helped me to pay for ALL my student bills plus travel expenses back to my friends and family in France.

Jona (12.11.2010)

I make a lot of money with them. Forex-affiliate has been around for years and is really something worth promoting. I still make money from referrals made three and four years ago.

Very good affiliate program
Anonymous affiliate (06.01.2011)

Very good affiliate program. The affiliate interface is not the best, but you get a good view of the stats and there's a simple and quick overview of commissions, registrations and everything you need right at the homepage when you log in. Commissions is high and the affiliate staff over at forex-affiliate is very professional people, they know their stuff and are glad to help.

The only thing I miss is that there are very few banners in my language (russian), but they will create them for you if necessary. This is worth investing some time in, I have even traded with easymarkets and the platform is very good and recommendable, from an affiliate standpoint; good conversion too.


This is a very Good affiliate program.

Good program
International Financials (17.10.2011)

I've just started using the affiliate and they have great customer service and loads of creatives to choose from. Hope to make my first active trader soon!

Forex affiliate program is the most
Affiliate program (12.04.2012)

Forex affiliate program is the most profitable market all over the world but its not an easy task for all to make their affiliate marketing successful. To make their promotions successfully, they should have good knowledge about the affiliate marketing and forex market.

Good Affiliate Program
alicia karley (28.02.2013)

As you know that there are many affiliate Forex site, so it takes some time to me believe in bestforexpartner site. But after joined it, I found it very good in many ways like it has good customer services and it provides good tools, which is very helpful to any newbie trader.

It does not convert on my forex sites
Anonymous affiliate (26.09.2013)

Unfortunately this broker does not convert. I think they miss some edge or competitive advantage. I sent them 200 clicks each day from my authority forex website and not even single registration. I saw the clicks on their counter. I think etoro and plus500 have over ruled them.

Anonymous affiliate 26
tryx (26.09.2013)

@Anonymous affiliate (26.09.2013)... does not convert?? At my sites they are the biggest earner for the last three years. I agree etoro partners and plus500 may be even better though, at least if you are targeting more novice users, but forexaffiliate should be in your partner-portfolio I think

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