Forex Affiliate Program Reviews

Forex Affiliate Program Reviews

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Reviews of Forex Affiliate Program Reviews

Reviews about Forex Affiliate Program Reviews from other affiliates.

I prefer to use only one affiliate program
Jones (08.09.2010)

I prefer to use only one affiliate program. I stopped looking a long time ago. Forex-Affiliate (the easyMarkets affiliate progra) is the one I use. Very good, make a lot of money with them!

I use Forex-Affiliate too
Robert Hanes (08.09.2010)

I use Forex-Affiliate too. Word of warning: Don't sign up with fake forex advertising networks... I did that, lost thousands in commissions.

Forex affiliate is the best there is. If you are going to promote easyMarkets you should do so through the official registration page at forex affiliate.

Best forex affiliate program
forex affiliate (19.11.2011)

eToro partners is also great. You can promote from any country including USA. This is the easiest money ever..

Note: Affiliates promoting eToro in USA should sign up using the normal affiliate link (see below) and then contact their given affiliate manager.

EToro and Plus500
fx affiliate (04.11.2012)

Both eToro and Plus500 are great programs. Easy to use and reliable. I can recommend them to anyone.

BestForexPartners scam
Andrew (21.11.2013)

BestForexPartners should rename itself as WorstForexPartners

My 1st commissions...
1st, they try to avoid paying me the full commissions I deserve, then delayed payment for over a month, later offered $100, then $75 & said "You will receive it to your paypal account by the 20th August", even that never happened...
Finally, no more replies or the full payment I deserve for more than 3 months or ever again...

Would a real, legit company do that? Trying not to pay me, then keep reducing my payment, even the 2nd reduction of $25 seem significant to them, finally they lie & do not even pay me a cent
They're willing to lose an affiliate & destroy their reputation just for a few bucks

Recommended Affiliate Programs

Forex-Affiliate - high commissions; up to $10,000 per click. Hybrid CPA plus Revenue share plans, and benefit from experienced forex affiliate managers. forex affiliate
eToroPartners - Promote the largest investment network. Advanced analysis and marketing tools. etor partners

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