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eToro Partners is the affiliate program for They claim to have great payouts, and say affiliates get paid promptly, but what do the affiliates think?

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eToro Partners is the affiliate program for eToro is a social investment network (not to be confused with forex trading platforms). eToro provides an unique and social approach to trading, and their web 2.0 community is really something for all traders to enjoy.

With eToropartners you get advanced marketing tools, from banners to widgets, videos and more. The analysis tools lets affiliates monitor and optimize their activity. As an etoropartner affiliate you can contact your personal account manager via telephone or email 24/7.

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Reviews of eToro Partners Affiliate Program

Reviews about eToro Partners Affiliate Program from other affiliates.

I love etoropartners
Anonymous affiliate (06.09.2010)

I love etoropartners. They pay on time and conversion for active traders is 8/100. I make a lot of money with them.

I tried it today so my
N00bie (03.11.2010)

I tried it today, so my experience is just with the interface, and so far everything looks really, really good. I'm excited to get started!

Best affiliate program
FatJoe (12.11.2010)

This is my favorite affiliate program. My best advice, choose revenue share, then you will make more money every month if you keep promoting.

EToros affiliate program is also one
Jack (01.12.2010)

eToro's affiliate program is also one of the world's best paying affiliate programs, offering 25% revenue share for beginners and up to a $200 CPA.

Registration / leads
andy (05.01.2011)

What is the difference in registrations and leads. I have just started and have 4 registration but only 2 are leads. What is the difference?

Difference between registration and leads in eToro
FatJoe (05.01.2011)

andy, registration is an user that has completed the registration form, and I think leads is considered any unique user that has downloaded their software.

Thanks Joe From your experience how
Anonymous affiliate (05.01.2011)

Thanks Joe, From your experience how many leads / registrations convert to making money.

Well the exact figures for etoro
FatJoe (05.01.2011)

Well, the exact figures for etoro I cannot give you, but they convert better than probably any other affiliate program I've delt with. You can make money from your first lead if you are lucky. My aim is at least 1 FTD per 10 account registrations. Try to get as many FTD as you can, this is how you make money with etoro.

New in the business
Philippe (09.03.2011)

Hello guys...i m new in this business, and itlooks very promising...
one question for you, may be a stupid ones...
but with the economic recession worldwide almost, where can we still find people (the traders) who are really interested n investing money with ni insurance they will make profit especially with an instable exchange market as now...

thanks for your answers and tips...

Not sure about etoro
affiliate (11.03.2011)

I had a trader with etoro deposit $5000. In two days this made $300. Then etoro gave a bonus of $1500 and drawn my commission into a minus and I eventually ended up with $39. Looking at etoros bonus the trader should have only received $500. I feel like etoro have scammed me

To affiliate 11
Fibonacci (12.03.2011)

to affiliate 11.3.11, nopes eToro has not scammed you. Bonuses are deducted from commissions, all decent affiliate programs do. If you want to make money with eToro, one trader is not enough. You have to get more traders, and eventually you will start making huge rev share commissions. CPA is money in the pocket right away, but not recommendable as commissions almost always get lower that way in the long run.

affiliate (12.03.2011)

I understand that. That is not my point, my point is that for a deposit of $5000 the trader should have only received a bonus of $500 not 1500

Bonus percentages may not be as
Fibonacci (12.03.2011)

Bonus percentages may not be as rigid with eToro, there might have been a negotiation between eToro and your trader, what do I know. Have you discussed this issue with your affiliate manager? I suggest you do that, and present their explanation here. I highly doubt there is something fishy here, been with eToro since the first year they lanuched their affiliate program (was it 2006?... I don't remember exaactly), never had any problems with them, and I have been tracking them and keeping an eye on the commissions as well.

I did not really want to
affiliate (12.03.2011)

I did not really want to bring a complaint up as I have invested to much time and money into promoting etoro, and have heard stories of affiliate accounts being closed for reasons like making complaints (not about etoro) What else was strange is the FTD amount was only $500 which is what the bonus would have been given on, but the overall deposit amount is $5000. Could just be a simple mistake as I have never heard a bad word said about etoro partners.

Great Affiliate Program
chek (15.04.2011)

I've been promoting eToro now for almost one year, I chose the rev share model and now I earn up to 800 Dollars/month. I have referred over 300 traders so far and hope to be able to increase my income in the near future. I am always being payed promtly and Michal responds to my emails within 2 days - briefly I am completely satisfied with etoro partners. Keep up the good work!

Frank cant put up all my stats here
Fibonacci (15.04.2011)

Frank, can't put up all my stats here. Quality is more important than quantity anyways if you ask me. Making 10 times or even 100 times what you are earning with etoro is possible, what I earn is somewhat irrevelant I think, but I definitely make good money.

Yes of course dont stop with
Anonymous affiliate (17.04.2011)

yes of course, don't stop with just one broker, I have tried promoting 10-15 at pretty big scale, but nowadays stick to 3 brokers that I promote

Dont use cj dont use etorousa stick with just etoro
Joe (08.05.2011)

don't use cj, don't use etorousa, stick with just etoro.

Why you cant promote eToro in USA
Anonymous affiliate (30.05.2011)

Why you can't promote eToro in USA. I think you can, in a way. You can promote etoro online, using english language, and search engines will pick it up, and americans will find the site.. Restrictions apply for promotional campains inside the US only, as in newspapers and so on and geo targeting PPC ads - I think. Also, there is an alternative programme for eToro USA - I advice you to contact your affiliate manager at eToro -

Think you misunderstood me
Anonymous affiliate (01.07.2011)

It says on etoropartners that you cant promote both etoro and etoro usa

Etoro partners
Willy (19.10.2013)

This is my favorite affiliate program. Great conversions and professional affiliate managers that know what they are doing. Use this page and start with their best plan for new affiliates

These guys know what they are doing
Anonymous affiliate (09.01.2014)

These guys know what they are doing. I recommend to promote them. Affiliate manager responds within 24 hours, they have paid always on time and the best of all, eToro still converts like crazy after all those years the market does not look to be saturated at all.

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