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easyMarkets Affiliate Program

If you are looking for high commissions and great conversion, look no further. The easyMarkets affiliate program has the highest commission in the industry and the conversion is as good as it gets.

easymarkets affiliate program

easyMarkets is easy to promote and the commission they pay to affiliates is crazy. Just one click can bring $10,000 into your pocket! Sign up as an affiliate here

We think the easyMarkets Affiliate Program rocks!

This is possibly one of the most profitable financial affiliate programs on earth. In fact, just one click (or one sign up) could earn you thousands of dollars. In our experience they pay commissions on time, and provide a variety of marketing tools. Support is always there to back up the affiliates. If we need advice, banners or anything, we just ask them, and they respond quickly.

Affiliates Make Big Money With easyMarkets

You can make as little as $100 or more than $1.000.000 per month as an easyMarkets affiliate. The sky is the limit.

If you are an affiliate marketer, have your own blog, or want to experiment with new ways of making money online, you just can afford to let this one go. They really do have the best affiliate program on earth.

Signing up with easyMarkets is simple and straightforward. If you want to become an easyMarkets affiliate simply fill out this form:

Click here to become an easyMarkets Affiliate

Now ... that is just our opinion, but this site was foremost created to let other affiliates do the talking. If you have tried this affiliate program, please add your review about the easyMarkets affiliate program and comment below.

Are you an easyMarkets affiliate already? Tell us what you think! If you want, feel free to disclose your conversion rates, how much money you make as an easyMarkets affiliate and so on.

Reviews of easyMarkets Affiliate Program

Reviews about easyMarkets Affiliate Program from other affiliates.

I make on average us 1500month with them
the wealthy one (15.08.2010)

I make on average us$ 1500/month with them. Forex-affiliate is great, wish I had more time on my hands. I run my own software company and affiliate marketing is just something I do for fun.
Conversion rate is good, but I have no comparison as I am not involved with other affiliate programs. I would say 5-10 sign up for every 100 clicks I guess.

I have been in affiliate marketing since 1998
Jon, easyMarkets affiliate (08.09.2010)

I have been in affiliate marketing since 1998... working full-time as an forex affiliate since 2004. I have yet to find a better affiliate program than this one. easyMarkets is a good trading platform which sells itself.

One thing... don't get fooled by affiliate networks that want you to promote easymarkets through them. is the only official affiliate program for easyMarkets, don't use any other if you are going to promote them if you want the best commission rates!

The best affiliate program in the world...
german affiliate (29.09.2010)

I honestly believe this is the best affiliate program in the world. They pay me well, cannot say how much. I get paid every month on time and they have never delayed. Conversion is good. Commissions is better than anything. Forex-Affiliate + local PPC has been my best business adventure to date. I am not saying where I am advertising, but there is forex traders anywhere so this could work all over the world.

Best affiliate program in the world
David (08.10.2010)

When I tell other affiliate managers about my rev share and cpa commission with this company (I do not reveal which company it is), they do not believe me. I have tried just as hard to promote other affiliate programs but this is the best one.

Most caluable click in the world
Superaffiliate, NY (12.11.2010)

There is no doubt in my mind, you can't find anything more valuable to promote than this. Just from one sign up you can get $10,000 or more in commissions! I have only a few active traders, but I still make good money. The key I think is to get quality traders. Promote and push this brand where other people don't.

Is there anyone of you who
abanjes (24.07.2013)

is there anyone of you who is still an affiliate with easymarkets???

I am still affiliated with them
Anonymous affiliate (26.07.2013)

I am still affiliated with them, they used to be the #1 in the industry, they are still very strong but now competing for affiliates with 500affiliates and etoro

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