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Plus500 annoys me with their new rules and passivity

You may have noticed that Plus500 must firstly approve each of your sites before they approve the revenue. I accept this fact, but the problem is they dont bother to review the sites submitted, some of them are in status PENDING for more than 4 months and nobody is looking at it. Affiliate manager is not responsive.

What are your experience with Plus500 in recent months ?

Rick 30.12.2013
To be fair the latest changes are not their fault
Dan (30.12.2013)

To be fair, the latest changes are not their fault. They are simply trying to adjust to new regulations.

I would go with easyMarkets or eToro partners as they are not enforcing these strict rules the way Plus500 does. Plus500 has taken things to the extreme, but that's only because the rulse they must follow are extreme.

If you want to promote financial trading sites and don't like strict regulations, find some unregulated brand, although many of these are shady businesses. It is not a good long term solution, might even be illegal to promote them, and before you know it the brand will be taken down. Because of this I would stick with regulated brands, even though it means more work for affiliates.

The irony is that their own
Anonymous affiliate (30.12.2013)

The irony is that their own landing pages does not follow their own marketing rules, while they are very strict regarding affiliate sites.

It sucks that Plus500 needs to validate every site. Imo they are taking things way too serious.

I got all my sites reviewed by now
Brandon (30.12.2013)

I got all my sites reviewed by now.

Check status in your 500Affiliates account, under Approved URL's. Add comments when you have made necessary changes, and be patient I guess.
They probably have a lot of work to do.

And as Dan pointed out; Plus500 does have a valid excuse this time. We're moving towards a world where the consumers need to be protected against everything, soon we'll have disclaimers on disclaimers.

That said; I would rather promote easyMarkets instead of Plus500 though, converts 10 times better!

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