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How much is the average FTD worth to you?

I'm on rev share and have had 8 FTDs since I started my site, every one of them have blown up their accounts and I have earned around 400 GBP.

This is 50 GBP per FTD. What do folks think? Should I look for a CPA or will a trader come along and trade so much it will make rev what the best option in the long term?

David 28.05.2013
CPA seems like the best option
Dan (28.05.2013)

CPA seems like the best option at first, maybe for several months or a several years, but then a great trader comes along, and you make lots of money, and this might happen several times. Rev share is a gamble, but for me it has always been a good gamble, I have compared to my revshare, and I've made about 30-50% more from rev share than cpa.

CPA good for startup, but rev share is best longterm
CFD (02.06.2013)

I have a mix of CPA and rev share with different brokers. CPA is good when you are in the startup phase and when you need to invest money in your site. Longterm rev share is the best option. There are some real good traders out there that can make you a lot of money!

If your plans are to stay
BinaryTribune (16.06.2013)

If your plans are to stay in the Forex affiliate business for several years, develop an established brand, or even a network of affiliate sites, then REV Share is the best option.

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