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How to Make Money as a Forex Affiliate

There are three big ways to make money in Forex:

1. As a trader; by buying low and selling high.

2. As a broker; by starting a company and provide broker services to customers.

3. As an affiliate; by promoting forex brokers to potential customers.

All three can be very profitable. Most people here probably will go with the affiliation alternative (#3).

If you are an affiliate, making money in forex is easy, and since there were no guides here already, I will write one. I have used this method to generate well over $400,000 in the last three years. This amount is not much compared to other people here I see... but non the less I feel competent enough to write this beginner's guide.


This is my step by step approach used to generate most of my forex income so far. There are other methods too, but this is the easiest.

1. GET AFFILIATED [~15 minutes] First you need to partner up with some froex brokers. There are just a handful of really great forex affiliate programs. I will recommend signing up with one of these:

# eToroPartners
# Forex-Affiliate

2. GET HOSTING+DOMAIN [~15 minutes] Second, you need a domain and a hosting solution. There are many hosting and domanservices available, but I prefer Bluehost, it is imho the most reliable host you can get at an affordable price.

3. CREATE A SPLASHPAGE [~60 minutes] You will have to create a Splashpage for the forex brokers you are promoting.
The splashpage is one single page where you list all the benefits of joining this broker. Make an appeal to the trader, why should s/he begin to trade forex, and why trade with this particular broker.

We just mentioned Bluehost, and they have great tools to help beginners create their first webpage, so you don't need any webdesign skills or programming skills. You can also use the splashpages available in the Marketing Tools for the affiliate program. All three, etoropartners, forex-affiliate, and 500affiliates have ready splashpages you can use.

4. CREATE YOUR AD CAMPAIGN [~30 minutes] (optional) Create your first online ad using PPC (Pay-Per-Click advertising). The most obvious alternative here is Google AdWords. With AdWords you can create text ads in just seconds and target any audience around the world.

Let's say you decided to partner up with eToroPartners in step #1. You then write an text advert for eToro, and publish it to your audience with AdWords.


Broker Makes Forex Trading Easy
Make your moeny work for you:
Try this social trading experience!

Important: The last part of this ad, the URL/web adress, should be directed to your splashpage and not directly to eToro. Note also that you cannot use the term "etoro" in your PPC ads as it is against the policy of their affiliate program.

The best guide to AdWords is not some ebook with "top secret formulas". Don't waste your time with these guides. Rather, go straight to and you will get all the (free) information you need to succeed with PPC advertising.

When a user clicks your ad, and enters your splashpage, they will read about eToro, and hopefully decide to click one of your affiliate links on this splashpage. They will then be redirected to eToro, and eToroPartners will register that this user is coming from your affiliate link. If the user registers, deposits money and generates revenue for the company, you will be credited. You can earn lifetime revenue from any customer, so any click could be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

That's the basics, and this is all you need to know to get started as an forex affiliate. Very easy.

You should watch your ads every day, and create new ads if the ones you are using does not work as well as you have hoped. PPC combined with Forex affiliate programs is a goldmine, trust me. This market is very big, and sharing this information will not affect my own forex commissions in any way, this information is no secret anyways.

That's the complete beginners guide to succeed with forex affiliate marketing. If you want to learn more, the best way is to try and experience stuff yourself. Try what I have outlined here, and you will, I hope, begin to make money.

ChrisFx 16.01.2011
Great guide
maxbeach (16.01.2011)

I am a beginner in forex and this is just what I needed to get started.. this is a great guide chris!

andy (03.02.2011)

How much do you need to start a successful ppc campaign

Reinvest your earnings
ChrisFx (03.02.2011)

Hi andy,

You can get a long way with, say, $1,000, depending on how well you manage your campaigns. The key is to reinvest all your earnings, and do so consistently for several months, or even years. That's how the big boys are doing it, and they may have started with just a few grand (or even with just the cost of domain and hosting), then they have built a million dollar fortune from forex affiliate marketing. I know, as I am one of them :)

Important note: Do not challange the affiliate guidelines when doing PPC. Most affiliate programs won't allow bidding on keywords that contain their brand name, like "Ava" or "eToro".

Feel free to share your experience with us. You may want to create a new forum post about your campaigns and update it once in a while. It's always interesting to see the development process of affiliates. I'll stop by with some advice if you do.

Splash Page
Anonymous affiliate (16.03.2011)

Could anyone give me a link to their splash page so I could get an idea of what to put on one. Also any advice on keywords to avoid for a ppc campaign

My first depositing client
Jonas (05.05.2011)

Great little guide that I have used myself. I skipped the PPC part, as I realized you don't need any money to get started, except for the domain and hosting fee. I created a site as suggested above, with no prior experience in web development I now have my first forex website up and running on my own domain (and not a crappy blogger or wordpress account). I signed up with all the forex affiliate programs above, created some content for my website, waited for Google to index my site, hoping for the best, and today I got my first depositing client today at Plus500, and there's been only 4 registrations.

An eye opener
Felix (09.06.2011)

It is not everyday we get to read articles like this offered freely to people. I would say that the number three option is probably the safest since trading forex has the highest risk. One thing I would like to ask is does Google adwords still allow users to drive traffic to affiliate landing pages? I think they stopped it or is it still allowed?

Bridge pages not allowed
ChrisFX (09.06.2011)

Hi Felix, Google Adwords is getting annoying. Yes, they now disallow some landing pages: bridged affiliate pages in adwords, this may lead to account suspension. A bridge can be a landing page with no content of value. If you use a landing page offered by affiliate networks this can cause Google to cancel your account. You should probably run this throug adwords support yourself, but that's how I understood it based on official announcements from G.
It's easy to overcome this issue though. Add some unique content to your affiliate landing page and it's no longer a bridge page. The clue is: any page advertised through adwords should have valutable content, and must not be a bridge page.

Landing Page/Splash Page
Michael lancaster (30.07.2011)

Hi ChrisFx,

I have produced a Landing Page/Splash Page, can you have a look and you tell me what you think please. I have a budgit of 1500 for Goodle Add PPC.


Michael Lancaster

Marketing science 101
Chis (30.07.2011)

Hi Michael,
Your page seems good enough, it will perform if your ppc skills is sufficient. Marketing is all about testing in specific markets and doing adjustments for the best conversion possible.

Marketing Science
Michael Lancaster (30.07.2011)

Hi Chris, thanks for a quick responce.

I have to phone Google Adds on Monday and they said they will asign an Expert to me and help with the correct Key words etc.



Nice guide ChrisFx
Matt (21.12.2011)

Nice guide ChrisFx if you ever decide to make a mastermind coaching group please announce it here on Forum, I will definitely join you.

Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a very successful 2012.

Great guide this was actually my
Laem (10.05.2013)

great guide, this was actually my first encounter with forex from an affiliates perspective, I had almost forgot but just found it in my bookmarks. Still not making tons of money, but hopefully will get there. One month last year I made like 7 grand, average is below a quarter of that, just shows that there is a bit of luck involved. Get enough traders under your belt and you will eventually start to make big money I guess.

Chris, would you please post a few more guides like this, but maybe with some of the more advanced stuff you know?? Would be great...

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