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eToro vs Plus500

I'm only going to promote ONE. One 700x90(ish) sized banner on the top of every page of a Forex information site.

Which one would you choose if you were me and why?

Thanks guys,

Bobby 12.06.2013
I also forgot to ask CPA or revshare which plan is best?
Bobboy (12.06.2013)

I also forgot to ask, CPA or revshare, which plan is best? Or does this depend on the broker?

I also notice that from some countries Plus500 has a very high CPA but not higher rev shares... Any idea what that is.

So, general information site, lots of traffic and one header banner per page. Which is likely to be the best -

eToro CPA
eToro Revshare
Plus500 CPA
Plus500 Revshare

Thanks again

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