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Do big traders often stay long?

I finally got a big trader! I'm making 200-400$ daily just from this one! I think he is a returner who started trading again.
2 weeks now he have traded everyday (except weekends ofc)

What is your experience, do big traders often stay long? I'm afraid I will loose him.

andy 13.08.2013
Anonymous affiliate (13.08.2013)

Congratulations! Which affiliate program are you using? ... my answer would vary depending on that so...

Some stay for years if it
Anonymous affiliate (13.08.2013)

Some stay for years, if it is a good trader you will make money as he makes money on pips, if bad trader and bad affiliate program he will run out of money and never come back

EToro is the affiliate program I use
andy (13.08.2013)

eToro is the affiliate program I use. Hope he likes it and stay for a looong time. :)

Traders can last for years but
MIKE (13.08.2013)

Traders can last for years, but even so ime they will take breaks and return, some return even after several years. Don't expect this trader to bring you a constant source of income, that's highly unlikely. The key is to get many like him, and eventually when you get more valuable traders you don't have to rely on just a few persons giving you this financial security or whatever. If you have just one trader you will not make tons of money in the long run, so keep working on the traffic, it's the only thing that works really

Okay etoro is probably one of
Anonymous affiliate (13.08.2013)

okay, etoro is probably one of the better ones in respect to holding on to traders, hard to make any predictions regarding your trader, but I have had traders there for years with them, not many big ones but they trade often so it really adds up. All you can do is hope he will continue making traders and in the meantime do as suggested above and work on your TRAFFIC, the only recipe to success I guess. If this was a personal recruitment you could of course do something but I guess you don't know the guy, then etoro will hopefully take good care of him.

I had one big trader so far something about year ago
LBJ (13.08.2013)

I had one big trader so far, something about year ago. He made even 1500$ daily (average ~400$) for me in forex-affiliate. He was active trader for 2 months. I hope that he come back someday and stay longer:)

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