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Affiliates: How much are you making in forex?

As the topic says, how much money do you make in forex?

I made $14,000 last year and it way my first year as a forex affiliate, and first year in affiliate marketing as well. About $10K from various forex affiliate programs, and the rest from google adsense.

FX Superaffiliate 08.09.2010
I made 45000 profit in forex
Craig (08.09.2010)

I made $45,000 profit in forex trading, but that is something entirely different... I am just starting out promoting forex.

I make at least 9000 per month as a forex affiliate
Scott (09.09.2010)

I make at least $9,000 per month as a forex affiliate. I use many affiliate programs but Forex-Affiliate is the best one for me.

30K on average...
Thirty grand (09.09.2010)

I make about 30K usd per month. Hi, I am a german forex affiliate living in Singapore. I live like a king down here. My target market is germany and uk.

I use PPC only, don't have a website. Advertise mostly through google adwords, made exactly $43,927.28 last month gross profit, and spent $11,230 on ppc advertising. I always try to break my previous records, that is my key to success. Compete with yourself not with others!

I increase my income almost every month, my target is an 5% increase and I also increase my advertising budget accordingly. If I had more money I would spend even more on ppc advertising. Once I have a campaign that works I can spend my whole monthly budget in just one or two days... I have to tweak the campaigns every month but there is not much more to do.

Anonymous affiliate (09.09.2010)

$5000/month. I started promoting through facebook. My facebook friends is not my target market, but I do not have a marketing budget. Facebook is free advertising if you think smart ;-)

About 5000-8000 year
Nicolas (10.09.2010)

About $5,000-8,000 /year. My income is basically from paid advertising back in 2006, I still get income from these traders. I love lifetime revenue. I make enough money as a consultant now, but I am reading about ppc now to see if I can get some more traders though my affiliate account.

How are you guys doing it?
ID10T (11.10.2010)

I have made a free website and placed banner links back to the suppliers. I post my url on classified sites (That allows urls) - So far over a 1,000 hits but no takers. How do you guys do it? Help please!

I would be jumping with joy if I can make just that 1st sale or $100 per month!

Be honest and your bank account will grow
Honest affiliate (03.11.2010)

I think, the most important thing as a forex affiliate is to be honest with your readers. I own only one domain, 500 visitors a day. It is an indian website, I am targeting rich people in india. I use two different affiliate programs (both mentioned on this site) and I make $20,000 to $30,000 per month from my indian forex website. You don't need much traffic, what you need is good traffic and you need to gain credibility. The way to be perceived as credible is to be completely honest. I don't have much trading experience, but I do know my affiliate partners well, so I know what I am promoting, and that is important. Promote something you believe in!

I make enough to pay rent
Trickyshot (03.11.2010)

I don't make much yet, but it does pay my rent. About $600 a month for now. Impressed by some of you guys that make $30,000 /month! I wish.. How do you do it?

I have just started in forex
Domenico, Spain (02.12.2010)

I have just started in forex, made $1063 last month, my first $1K month ever! I read these earning statements a few months back, did not believe is, but am now convinced that it is possible to make a lot of money for forex affiliates, even for people like me that have very little skills in both webdevelopment and marketing.

Just Started
Andy (23.12.2010)

I have just started and wanted to ask Forex Veteran where exactly are the fish.

I cant speak for any of
Anonymous affiliate (31.12.2010)

I can't speak for any of the other commenters here, but to me the figures are realistic. Forex trading and promoting forex services is two completely different things. I myself am a fulltime affiliate, and I make a good salary from promoting just one forex service.

Can u do ppc via direct aff link?
Melb (15.01.2011)

Hi guys,

I've been reading this post for sometime now as I am interested in promoting forex as an affiliate and hope to start making some revenue soon so thanks for tips on who not to join :-).I wanted to ask if you can use your own affiliate link directly onto a ppc campaign for adwords for instance rather than redirecting to your own site and what experiences in terms of how much you can make per month using the direct link?

I made my first 1000 in a day today Monday
Anonymous affiliate (28.02.2011)

I made my first 1000 in a day today (Monday). I wonder how much I could be making if I invested more time in Forex. I spend 4-6 hours a day of effective work, I plan to try 9-12 hours 5 days a week for 30 days, just to take all this to the next level.

Which channels are you using?
Anonymous (04.04.2011)

Hello, interesting debate and large figures.

Which channels are you using for promoting the programs?


The best affiliate program in the forex industry??
George Duncan (25.04.2011)

most programs mentioned here are good I guess, except fxyard as they have some issues at the moment, would not recommend them. I am not an affiliate myself, but have worked as an affiliate manager for two of the major brands in the industry. I have not worked with eToro partners affiliate program, but I think this is one of the most interesting at the moment, and 500affiliates/plus500 is fairly new but could be the next big thing in forex trading for the average guy. Pack on a portfolio of 3-4 brands and do a split test on your target audience and you will find a couple of favorites.

Second month as a Forex Affiliate
Michael Lancaster (30.07.2011)

Hi, i promote easymarkets, my second month in the business i made 1200. I had to get 3 customers in one month and each one had to deposite at least 150, so i qualified for 750 bounes.


Michael lancaster

Nothing yet hope to make at least 300 per month by April
Anonymous affiliate (14.11.2011)

Nothing yet, hope to make at least $300 per month by April! Slowly building my site and also looking into PPC as we speak.

My Best Year Ever
ChrisFX (20.12.2011)

I have just calculated the total net revenue (excluding taxes) for my forex business from year to date, and so far made $783,209.21 in forex commissions. I know there are people here that will refuse to believe me, but I have the spreadsheet in front of me and just typing it here makes me happy. The best part is I even don't need the money, will give away some to my folks and donate some to science research.

R. Guretta (20.12.2011)

ChrisFX... if this is true I envy you! Not that I doubt it is possible to make this kind of money. I have worked as an account manager for one of the forex affiliate programs mentioned here, and I know for a fact that there are affiliates making a lot of money.

Ive been running my own Forex
Matthew (21.12.2011)

I've been running my own Forex site for about 1 and a half months now and have made $0.

Is this normal? When should I start seeing some money come in? I work between 1-2 hours per day on it.

I don't want to give too much info out on my site just here, but any advice would be appreciated as I don't want this to fail! :)

going pro (21.12.2011)

People expect way to quick results... it takes time to build a solid business, if you expect to make a profit the first month then dream on... while some affiliates do most people need to learn the basics of marketing. If you have been promoting other stuff before then you should know what to do and make fast progress. If you are a complete n00b then you will have to learn the basics...

Not expecting quick results but I
Matthew (21.12.2011)

Not expecting quick results, but I hear that you should at least make $1 within a couple of months...

Been working pretty hard at it. I will continue for months and months, I'm not giving up, but some revenue would sure go a long way in terms of motivation.

I recently completed the annual accounts
Bogumil (12.04.2012)

I recently completed the annual accounts, and must say I am proud of the results:

I made exactly 27,398 in commissions from forex affiliate programs in 2011! From other online ventures I made a few hundred, but forex has always been my main thing. Compared to other forex affiliates here this is not amazing I guess, but for me is this a huge success.

Hoping for 35,000 in net income before tax this year, if so I will quit my day job. Or I could keep my day job and work as an affiliate in the evenings, in total I will make 50,000+ in one year. To some of you this is just an average salary, but in Poland where I live this is a fortune.

About 35000month from affiliate marketing 70
cqutszheck (08.09.2012)

About $35,000/month from affiliate marketing, ~70% of my income comes from forex affiliate programs. I have been doing this for a few years, earning more every year.

I agree forexaffiliate is a goldmine
Jeramy Camacho (09.09.2012)

I agree, forexaffiliate is a goldmine :)
I have been promoting easymarkets for years. Never had any problems w/ them
My forex earnings: I make around 3 or 4 grand per month from a forex blog which has about 150 unique visitors a day.

I make up to $60,000 per month
Forex Veteran (11.10.2012)

I usually make around 20-30K USD per month as a forex affiliate. From Denmark, but live in thailand, live like a king down here with this income. My best month ever was this month, I made 60000 dollars. I can buy a new car every week if I want to! My income is pretty much on autopilot too, so I don't need to work that much ... but I still do, I want more, I'm just human afterall.

ID10T, you need to get your head straight, 1000 hits does not mean anything. 5 hits can make you 50K, and 10,000 hits can make you 0. Fish where the fish is bro.

Last month 5502 from one fx
Anonymous affiliate (08.01.2013)

Last month $5,502 from one fx affiliate program, a new record for me. I always make above $3000/month but would like to make much more!

I made well over 2 million last year as an forex affiliate
Anonymous affiliate (27.01.2013)

I made well over 2 million last year as an forex affiliate. You might not believe me if you are a beginner, but most experienced forex affiliates that have some connections know how profitable this industry is.

A few years back I noticed that the majority of my income was generated by just 3 single referrals (although I had thousands of active referrals at that time). I have seen this pattern over and over. Then I focused on how and where the most valuable referrals came from, and learned from that, and became the best at promoting in this market. My best referrals come from a highly targeted audience from Liechtenstein and Switzerland, I don't fear telling you this, because you won't find out to whom I am promoting, but still if you did, you will be unable to compete - hard to explain without revealing all the details, point is, you have to start out with a broad audience, find the ones that generate the best commissions for you, and then identify your niche within the niche. For me, it is not 'everyone with money in Liechtenstein and Switzerland', but a very targeted group. I am good at finding the most valuable customers, that's why I make money. You can du this within any country or region, it's not the countries I have selected that made me successful, but my research that have lead me to identify opportunities that no one else has spotted before me. So good luck to you all, don't be afraid to share experience, but never reveal your 'secrets', your target group and how you are promoting to them.

Joe Vince (08.02.2013)

$1000... per year. Not good, but all I did was to add a link to my sig in a financial forum, have 1000+ posts there and it's like free money I guess. I don't even post there anymore but I still get a new sign up now and then :)

I used to make decent money
Rian (06.04.2013)

I used to make decent money, still do but lately it has been getting a little harder. If you work hard you will eventually be able to generate a good income for yourself. I started out TRADING forex, and lost way too much of my own money, but it was not all for nothing as it led me into forex affiliate marketing and I made back my trading loss within the first year.

I have to try it
qwertyuiopp (28.11.2013)

It sounds pretty good to earn almost on autopilot from affiliation. I've read lots of posts about forex and it is my 2nd month of thinking (ha-ha) to create a website about it. I earn from another niche and is just petty cash... on autopilot.

Now after all that info about forex I really have to try it. I know that I don't have to expect big results at the beginning and that the hard work is a must to succeed in everything you do. So, I hope my new venture will pay back my efforts.

Forex is a risky gold mine for those who invest money but as affiliate, you can't lose nothing but the time you investing in it.

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