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Forex Affiliates Make More Money Than FX Traders

The average forex trader loses money. The average forex affiliate earns money. Learn how to earn huge commissions within the shortest time possible. Get started for free now.

What is Forex

Trading is hard. World's best forex traders may earn hundreds of millions in a year. Most traders are not making any money at all. Forex trading is risky and many do not succeed. It's extremely difficut for traders to succeed in the long term.

Forex affiliates are blessed. The global foreign exchange markets is truly amazing, in any way you look at it. The daily turnover in is estimated at $4 trillion in 2011. Imagine taking just a little piece of the action. That's what forex affiliates do, and there's no financial risk except the time invested (exception is if you are doing Pay-Per-Click marketing, but you don't need a marketing budget to get started).

Getting Started In Forex Affiliate Marketing

Getting started is easy. The hard part is to dedicate yourself. Don't expect to make a lot of money without effort. Being an affiliate in the forex industry is lucurative, but you need to put in the hours and do the required work.

You can run your affiliate business from home or anywhere. It's cheap to get started.

All you really need to begin earning commissions as a forex affiliate is:

  • Join a recommended forex affiliate program for free. From here you will get your affiliate links: Promote them visely and you will gradually begin to earn more money in commissions every week.
  • Get a domain name and a hosting solution. Reliable hosting is a must if you want to succeed. You may use free services such as or similar services, but it's much harder to succeed that way. It's highly recommended that you get your own domain and pay a few dollars for hosting. A tiny percentage of your income will most likely cover the cost anyways. We use Bluehost for our forex websites. Even their cheapest solution at $5.95/month is suitable for most affiliate needs and we've used them for years and had nothing but good experiences with them.

What Is Forex?

In Forex one currency is traded for another. The Forex market is the worlds largest financial market. Other names for this market is the foreign exchange market or the currency market.

While some participants in the Forex market seek to exchange a foreign currency for their own, others spot a trading opportunity in this market. In fact, currency traders make up a very large percentage of the participants in Forex.

How do currency traders make money? They spot opportunities, and take advantage of the smallest fluctuations in exchange rates. Forex is unlike no other financial market in the world. There is little or no inside information.

The basics of Forex trading is easy to understand:

  • One currency is traded against another.
  • You trade in pairs. For instance EUR/USD represents the euro as expressed in US dollars.
  • The forex market is open 24 hours per day throughout the week.
  • The spread between bid and offer is the difference between the buying price and selling price.

Two Ways To Make Money In Forex

Aside from actually starting a bank or offering other services to the market, there are only two ways you can make money in the Forex market:

  1. Forex trader. While it's true you can get rich quick and make a lot of money in forex, it's equally true that you can loose all of your cash very quickly. This market is not a place where the inexperienced should place their savings.
  2. Forex Affiliate. This is where the gold is. Why dig for gold when you can make a huge profit selling shovels? Better yet, you run no risk of loosing your own money as an forex affiliate.

This site, will teach you to make money as a Forex affiliate. Your job will be to recruit traders from all over the world, and send them to a Forex service that you are affiliated with.

Things You Should Know About Being A Forex Affiliate

There are a few things you should know:

  • How affiliates make money? It's easy! Join the affiliate program of any broker (some affiliate programs are better than others!). Then refer as many traders you can to this broker via your affiliate link. You will get a commission based on how many traders you refer (CPA) or based on the actual value of each trader (Revenue share).
  • Is it easy to make money as a Forex affiliate? This depends on your level of experience. It may take a few months before you are going to make good money. In our experience forex is the most lucurative business on the entire web for affilaites! We've seen what professional affiliates in the adult industry make in commissions, and it's good money for many of them.
  • What is the best Forex Affiliate Program? We have our favorites, and so do other professional affiliates. Look in the Review section on this site, you will find authentic forex affiliate program reviews there. We cover all the main forex affiliate programs online.

Recommended Affiliate Programs

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eToroPartners - Promote the largest investment network. Advanced analysis and marketing tools. etor partners

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Disclaimer: Forex trading (OTC Trading) involves substantial risk of loss. As an affiliate you need to undestand this risk involved. Forex trading and forex affiliate marketing may not be suitable for everyone. While you can make money and get rich in Forex, losses can also be made.