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Best Affiliate Program In Forex

This year we asked our readers to vote for their favorite affiliate program in the Forex industry. If you are going to promote something, it needs to be something that pays well.

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The winning affiliate program was not much of a surprise, as it has proven to be the very best in its industry year after year.

eToro Partners emerged victorious once again in the domain of forex affiliate programs. They have won the heart of many affiliates by providing high commissions even for single referrals. Use it to promote eToro, the social investment network.

While some affiliate programs in the forex industry is fantastic, others are horrible. Some affiliates reported no sign ups, even if they sent tens of thousands qualifying leads. We decided we didn't want to be scam investigators, and instead of giving attention to the bad affiliate programs we wanted to focus solely on the good ones. In last year's poll we had 34 candidates, this year only 12 forex affiliate programs.

The Best Forex Affiliate Programs

We conducted a survey which targeted the top forex affiliate programs. A total of 2604 affiliates voted for their favorite program. This is the best forex partnership sites and financial affiliate programs of the year:

Forex-Affiliate is the affiliate program for easyMarkets, a leading online forex platform. One of the best forex affiliate program out there. One click (one sign up) can make you $10,000. They have a CPA plus revenue share hybrid deal, which is great. If you want to make $250,000 or even millions per year in affiliate marketing, they should be on your list. Get custom tailored commission plans, and a professional contact person to help you succeed.

Sosial Trading Affiliate Program

eToro Partners - Providing the worlds greatest social trading experience! This intuitive website is one of the most easy to promote online and conversion is very high. The conversion rate is what makes eToroPartners so special. Please note that eToro is NOT a forex broker, but a social investment network.

How Much Can I Make?

You can make money from affiliate marketing, but as everything else worth pursuing in life it takes hard work to make great achievements. We won't promise anything, but if you go for it you might eventually make it.

If you think being an affilaite doesn't pay well, think again. Do yourself a favor and forget about the gaming industry, ClickBank, Amazon affiliates, Commission Junction and anything that is not forex related. Forex is hard competition too, but at least here you get a chance to get rich.

Join the affiliate programs of your choice above, fint the one that works best for you and your market, and push their brands like hell (just don't spam and do not violate their terms). In a matter of weeks you should begin to see results, and you will understand how big the forex affiliate industry really is. Trust us, you will be amazed of how much money you can make as a forex affiliate!

Recommended Affiliate Programs

Forex-Affiliate - high commissions; up to $10,000 per click. Hybrid CPA plus Revenue share plans, and benefit from experienced forex affiliate managers. forex affiliate
eToroPartners - Promote the largest investment network. Advanced analysis and marketing tools. etor partners

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Disclaimer: Forex trading (OTC Trading) involves substantial risk of loss. As an affiliate you need to undestand this risk involved. Forex trading and forex affiliate marketing may not be suitable for everyone. While you can make money and get rich in Forex, losses can also be made.